Role Playing Sign Up

Role Players (RP) or “actors” are needed to participate in a National Guard emergency response training exercise supporting our Family and Friends who comprise the “Weekend Warrior” or Citizen Soldiers that come to our aid during natural disasters. The exercise will take place on Camp Blanding near Starke, FL on March 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th and we can use your help.

The units of the National Guard responsible for helping in a time of chaos and crisis need training in order to stay fresh, current and motivated. Role Players or “actors” will assist in providing realistic training aimed at purposefully strengthening the team and their mission. National Guard emergency responders will exercise search and rescue, medical trauma treatment and first aid application in order to expand and strengthen communication, coordination and integration. As such, Role Players will be given an application of injury makeup and fake blood to portray various physical injuries and conditions, before going through simulated medical triage and decontamination processes multiple times during the exercise. This will means you will get wet and may have to lay down for extended periods of time “being injured”. The very realistic medical makeup and prosthetics are called Moulage and it is GROSS and fun.

The National Guard seeks diversity among Role Players, including gender, ethnicity, age, body types, disabilities, and foreign language abilities. Participants fluent in American Sign Language are also desired. Priority will be given to those with previous experience with role playing, acting, military, and/or first responder/disaster response experience.

There are four days of this exercise as detailed below. You will need to upload your Driver’s License or State ID for a background check.

March 22nd – $15 per hour/$150 per day       March 23rd – $15 per hour/$150 per day

March 24th – $15 per hour/$150 per day       March 25th – $15 per hour/$150 per day

ID CHECK, SIGN IN & TEMP CHECK: 05:30 – 06:45 AM


EXERCISE STARTS: 07:30 AM – 5:30 PM (Payment for participation)

ELIGIBILITY: A criminal background check, U.S. citizenship and employment eligibility checks will be performed when you upload your Driver’s License or State ID. To enter the facility, all personnel must have two (2) forms of ID and be without a felony criminal background. All IDs are scanned by military and/or law enforcement security personnel and persons with felony convictions will not be allowed to participate.

MANDATORY COVID-19 TESTING: You must consent to be temperature screening for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering designated exercise transportation vehicles. Please note that should you exhibit symptoms or a temperature you will not be allowed to participate in the training exercise for the safety of all involved.

Pay is $15 per hour or $150 per day with snacks and lunch provided. Should you have any friends or family interested in participating in this National Guard training exercise, please have them email us here [email protected] for further information.