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NS&C was co-founded after its staff, having operated, lived and worked in the Middle East since 2003, saw the growing need for western businesses to take advantage of emergent economies and sought to provide firms with the essential on-the-ground expertise and awareness necessary for conducting business in new and complex settings. NS&C has subject matter experts on Middle Eastern politics, media, socio-military affairs and culture who speak fluent Arabic. With specific experience in operational security planning, intelligence analysis, political analysis, business development, program management and years of experience operating within the complex and at times austere environments of the US’s Global War on Terrorism, NS&C is capable of working with and for you both domestically and abroad.

Domestic – Strong corporate experience makes NS&C uniquely qualified to assist local, state and federal government and other agencies in their requirements pursuant to properly training personnel for hazardous duty, disaster preparedness and mass casualty events. NS&C can also provide contractors, seeking to work with those entities guidance or assistance in identifying, pursuing and winning contracts.

See what we mean by 'Real' Mass Casualty Training

Mass casualty and traumatic incident training is about people treating real people in stressful conditions. It’s not enough to have “Role Players.” To be effective you have to have people “playing the role,” in every sense of the term. NS&C Role Players meet all requirements for effective, realistic training preferred by the boots-in-the-ground, first responder, operator types who are our top clients. NS&C Role Players are fitted with multiple bleeding moulage, appropriate attire, and have a background and/or training in first aid, military or govt. service or law enforcement.

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