International Consulting

Clients of NS&C find clarity in complexity benefiting from our extensive experience in operating in autere and semi-permissible environments in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Scenario Based Training

NS&C’s corporate experience make NS&C uniquely qualified to any level of government or agency in their requirements to properly training personnel for hazardous, disaster and mass casualty events.

Logistics & Strategic Supply Chain

Leverages our experience in the region to secure safe, scalable living and business accommodations on a short and long-term basis.

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Our Mission

The mission of Nahrain Strategies & Consulting LLC (NS&C) is to enable its clients to navigate the complex political and economic terrain necessary to seize the tremendous business opportunities available in the emerging markets as well as US State and Federal contracts. NS&C provides its clients direct access to key information and opportunities and ensures its clients the insight and influence critical to ensuring success in local environments, as well as austere conditions overseas.

Drawing on a team of seasoned consultants and a robust network of indigenous partners and advisors, NS&C can guide its clients past whatever barriers to entry they might find, freeing them up to focus on their core capabilities, thereby mitigating risk and maximizing performance.

Est. 2008

The experience that matters. Hazardous duty, disaster preparedness & mass casualty training events.




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See what we mean by 'Real' Mass Casualty Training

Mass casualty and traumatic incident training is about people treating real people in stressful conditions. It’s not enough to have “Role Players.” To be effective you have to have people “playing the role,” in every sense of the term. NS&C Role Players meet all requirements for effective, realistic training preferred by the boots-in-the-ground, first responder, operator types who are our top clients. NS&C Role Players are fitted with multiple bleeding moulage, appropriate attire, and have a background and/or training in first aid, military or govt. service or law enforcement.

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